Titan Gear Viking® Style Pumps

Titan Gear Pumps: Titan Gear Pumps (Internal and External): Titan offers internal and external Gear Pumps similar to Viking® style and Roper® style. Our robust rotary gear pumps have been constructed with two rigid guidelines: longevity and serviceability. Internal gear pumps offered are G-4124, G-0124, G-4195 and G-0195 series pumps in sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to 6.0 inches. External gear pumps offered are 04H, 08H, 12H, 16H, and 20H. Internal gear pumps are available in different construction (cast iron, and cast iron/carbon steel) with different elastomers and packed or mechanical seal models. External gear pumps are offered in cast iron, cast iron/carbon steel, and Stainless steel 316 construction in packed and mechanical seal models. These pumps can be direct driven or belt driven. Tolerance on casing is minimum for best pump efficiency.