About Us

Titan Manufacturing Inc., is based in Houston, Texas. The company specializes in manufacturing and distribution of high grade pumps to industry professionals globally. Our pumps are designed for the Oil and Gas refining, Petro Chemical, Water and Waste Water Management, Oils and Viscous fluids, Flood Control, Municipal, Industrial Process, Mining, Construction, and Low Shear applications. You can discuss your application needs with one of our technical sales specialist.

Our large inventory boasts of quality Titan 4196 ANSI pumps, Self Priming Trash pumps Gorman Rupp® style, Gear pumps Viking® style, Progressing Cavity pumps Moyno® style, Diaphragm pumps Wilden® style, and Poly Diaphragm Pumps. Titan also facilitates the availability of ANSI Durco® style pumps, Warman® style Slurry Pumps, Peerless® style and Titan Vertical Turbine pumps, Dewatering, Grinder, Sewage, Split couple vertical in-line BVL, Close couple self prime … and many more. Experience the power of … Titan pumps!

Titan pump has established its reputation in the industry as supplier of high quality products at competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Efficiency and reliability are at the core of what Titan does, we focus our attention on functionality, manufacturing, assembly, distribution and service. Our products stand for quality, long life, and reduced down time for our customers. Titan Pumps are engineered to perform and built to last.

Titan draws its strength from its team of qualified professionals and technically competent business leaders, who have worked with large corporations and Fortune 50 companies and bring the best management, product, quality and technology practices to the business.

Quality products, competitive pricing and product availability is the philosophy of our company. We price all of our pumps competitively without sacrificing quality. We believe that the quality and affordability of a product speaks volumes about the professional and technical knowledge of the manufacturer. We are proud to say that this guiding principle has catapulted us to the forefront of pump manufacturing. We champion rigorous quality standards. Our keen eye for detail and strict attention to design has set us apart from our competition.

We offer an impressive array of pumps and application support services to our customers, end-users, representatives and contractors worldwide. Contact us about Titan pumps, parts, and application support services. Call 713-283-7700 or email:sales@titanpumpsinc.com

We invite you to visit our facility in Houston, Texas.

Disclaimer: Viking®, Moyno®, Wilden®, Gorman Rupp® , Durco®, are registered names of other companies. Titan is not affiliated with these companies.